Cubes 2048 Io

Cubes is an addictive online game that fuses Snake and 2048. Get a bigger number by collecting free cubes and eating other players with a smaller number than you. Your cubes with the same value that bump into one another will merge.

How to Play

Merge blocks to grow

Cubes 2048 turns 2048 into a 3D .io game! Slide around the arena picking up blocks to get bigger. Picking up two of the same number will merge them into a single block as the total sum of both.

Consume the competition

In Cubes, you can eat any number smaller than you – including your opponents. At the same time, you should be wary of bigger opponents coming to gobble you up or take a big chunk out of your block supply!

Tips and Tricks

  • You can cut into opponents and take their blocks as long as those blocks are smaller
  • Use the speed power-up to catch up quickly with your opponents
  • Use your general boost to escape and catch up to other players
  • Avoid the division sign because this will halve your numbers


Move fast by holding left-click or space bar. After 2 seconds of going fast, you need to wait 6 seconds to cool down.


Move fast with an on-screen speed-up button. After 2 seconds of going fast, you need to wait 6 seconds to cool down.


  • Play online in a large multiplayer arena
  • Compete with others on the real-time leaderboard
  • Use various power-ups to boost your performance
  • Play Cubes 2048 on desktop and mobile devices

Release Date

December 2022


Playmost Games made Cubes


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Mar 17, 2023



  • Move mouse = change direction
  • Hold left-click or space bar = speed up


  • Drag = move
  • Click the on-screen button = speed up
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