Hide and Smash

Hide and Smash is an exciting upgrade of the classic hide and seek game! In the game, you will be assigned to either the blue hide team or the red smash team at random. If you are a hider, your mission is to move quietly and swiftly, blend in with your surroundings by pretending to be a normal object, and collect all the keys before your opponents discover and smash you. If you’re a smasher, your goal is to find your cleverly hidden opponents, who are camouflaged as various objects, before they manage to collect all the keys. It’s a battle of strength and wits, let’s hide and smash!

How to play Hide and Smash?

  • Move: WASD or the arrow keys
  • Left click: Aim and smash

Who created Hide and Smash?

Hide and Smash is created by Madbox.

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