Peppa Pig: Basketball

Help Peppa’s team win the match in the Peppa Pig Basketball game! Daddy Pig taught them all the basics of playing basketball, but the kids still need some assistance taking down the grown-ups. Are you ready to join your buddies and lead them to victory? If so, grab the ball and head off to the court!

Let’s play some basketball! To help Peppa’s team, you must pass the ball from one kid to another until it’s time to score. Can you win against the parents’ team and become the strongest player? If so, you’ll have to use your focus and quick movements to your advantage! 

How to Play

Basketball is everyone’s favorite sport, and it’s time to give it a try! To begin this challenge, you only need to use your mouse. Tap on each character to pass the ball from one kid to another. Once you’re ready to shoot, just select the right angle and help Peppa score!

Your task is to throw the ball from one player to another. Start off next to Daddy Pig, look for a friend that’s free to pass to, and finally make it to Peppa. Just make sure to focus on your aim because you don’t want the ball to fall in the grown-ups’ hands! Your buddies are counting on you to win, so don’t waste any time!

Remember not to pass if there’s a parent in front of your friend, or they will block your move! Instead, you can throw the ball to the other kids so that the game keeps going. Once it’s in Peppa’s hands, you must consider the length of the shot and seize victory for your team!

What else you should know

Don’t make any rushed decisions, or you might have to restart the round from the beginning! If you miss your shot, your friends will have to pass the ball again.

Luckily, you can practice as long as you want and improve your skills. Are you ready to become a professional basketball player?

Let’s go to the court and begin the match! Peppa and her friends are counting on you to help them win, so pass the ball and get ready for a thrilling game!

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